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There's a million places you can go to feel like crap, this isn't one of them.

Love Yo’Self!


There is a million places on the internet that you can go that make you feel like freakin garbage.

👏 This 👏 is 👏 not 👏 one 👏 of 👏 them.


How many things do you see just on this app that make you question your greatness?

Do you see picture of workouts and think ‘I should really be doing that work out.’

‘I suck because I didn’t work out today.’ Or ‘I really shouldn’t be eating this because I didn’t work out’.


What about the mom that has the clean house AND she sent her kids to school with a healthy lunch that she was sure to document?

Did that make you feel less than in the way you mother?

*your kids didn’t want that healthy lunch anyway, they like Doritos*


What about the person that has your dream job and also has the support of what seems like every big influencer to help her get all the things/followers that she has ever wanted?

*we gotta change the story we are telling ourselves.*


There are a million places to go to feel like shit.

This is not one of them.


I am here to tell you and hopefully show you what can happen when you stop comparing yourself and start LOVING YO SELF!!!


My heart fells so called to share this. I want every single one of you to freakin love yourself!!!

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